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Care Instructions
How do I care for my LOWANNA jewellery?
Your LOWANNA jewellery should be handled with care at all times.
  1. Always undo the clasp to remove your bracelet.
  2. Store your Lowanna product in an anti-tarnish resistance pouch or protective box when not worn.
  3. Take care to avoid cross threading your charms onto your bracelet.
  4. Clean your jewellery regularly.
  5. Do not wear it whilst bathing, gardening, during active recreation, fitness and physical work or whilst in bed or during sporting activities.
  6. Avoid kinking or bending the chains as it will cause damage to the bracelets.
How do I care for my gemstones?
  1. Avoid hitting the gemstones against hard surfaces or surfaces that can cause abrasion.
  2. Strong impact can crack, chip or shatter the gemstones (such as diamond, semi-precious stone and cubic zirconia).
Polish & Rodium Kit
1. Lowanna®Anti-Tarnish Paper

What is it?
Lowanna® (ATP) is an effective anti-tarnishing tool, it is a sheet of paper which is designed to protect the original colour of "Metals" from fading out due to physical, chemical, and environmental factors. Laboratory testing has proven that Lowanna®(ATP) is an environment-friendly anti-tarnish tool for "Metals". Lowanna® (ATP) contains no ammonia acids, or abrasives. All substances are naturally-extracted. It contains two main components: Zeolite & Tourmaline, these are environment-friendly and safe to use on human. It is a tiny paper which can be placed inside packaging or wrapping of all kinds of "Metals" such as jewelleries, accessories and ornaments, etc. It provides a lasting protection of discoloration and preserves the shininess which is meant to be on the "Metals".

How it works?
Lowanna®(ATP) functioned in a ways which reduces the moisture level, lowering the active emission of oxygen, and removes the unlikely smell on "Metals" to preserve its originality. It contains substances like Tourmaline and Zeolite, which preliminary serves to break down and destroy the moisture, ammonia, and bacteria in the air. To this end, the sheet can delay the septic action and maintain the brilliant shines of Metals.

Recent laboratory testing shows that Lowanna®(ATP) contains no chemical substance, therefore can be safely use on human, resulted with Lowanna® (ATP) having a pH value of 7.3, which is an efficient practice used for production of anti-tarnish product. This is an acceptable and effective tarnish practice.

Lowanna® (ATP) contains no ammonia, acids, or abrasives. It can be safely used on the packaging and wrapping of jewelleries, accessories and ornaments. Lowanna® (ATP) does not need to have a physical touch between the "Metals" and the paper, yet it can provide a lasting protection to the "Metals". The durability depends on how the paper is packed with the "Metals".

One of 3cm x 3cm tab will protect approximately 90cm³ of container space for:
•   6 months in a loosely sealed container such as a paper and wooden jewellery box;
•   12 months in an air-tight container, such as flat-top poly bag;
•   24 months in a tightly sealed container, such as a heat-sealed or zip-lock bag.

*The period of protection depends on the permeability of the storage or shipping container and the pollution level of the surrounding environment.

2. Gold and Silver Cleaner
This product is imported from Russia, which is the first silver cleaner with dry tablet in the market. It is simple and easy to use, just dissolve the tablet in water and it is ready to use. Also, as the weight of this product is much lighter than other cleansing agents in the market, it is not only convenient to carry, but also cost saving and space efficient. It is only suitable for gold, platinum, diamond rings, silver, silver-plated and alloy jewellery. Clean with water and wipe up with soft cloth after usage.
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