LOVE only requires 2 things, understanding and communication and together you have magic.

1st Meeting (Christmas)

When I first saw you last Christmas in Sydney, I knew I had found my soul mate.
The way you looked at me made my heart pound endlessly. Cupid’s arrow had been aimed at us and it felt like a gift from the angels. I wished upon a star that this was the beginning of a romance that would blossom into everlasting love.

Distance Relationship (Valentines)

Upon my return to native China, the aroma of my homeland brought back the sense of sweetness, warmth and security I have always felt from my loving family. But as I looked down at my Cupid Bracelet, I longed to see William again. Is this how true love feels? When his parcel arrived on Valentines Day, with that special heart to add to my bracelet, I knew the answer was “yes”.

Mother and child relationship (Mothers Day)

My beloved Bella, why are you so captivated by your Cupid Bracelet? When you were young, we spent sleepless nights sharing important moments of your life. Do you not remember the laughters and the tears we both experienced? Did something happen in Sydney? Is there something you are not telling me? I have always been there for you my darling and I will always be there as long as you need me.

Mother and child relationship (Mothers Day)

Mother, your endless love and words of encouragement have helped me experience joy and beauty throughout my life. I thank you for your devotion and commitment to my happiness. Of course I remember the laughters and the tears. There is someone special but, on this special Mothers Day, I give you this Infinite Love Bracelet to express the infinite love I have for you.

Reunion and proposal (Marriage)

My darling Bella, the days are empty without you and my heart grows fonder. I must come and see you in person and pay my respect to your family, which I so dearly want to be a part of. I hope that my visit is welcomed and that you are willing to accept my proposal so that we can become one and share the rest of our lives together.

Friends' Blessing

To my dear friends and family, William and I are getting MARRIED and it is with great joy that I invite you to come and join us to be part of our special day.
Lily Chan: Wish you a lovely baby very soon!
Oscar Cheung: You finally found your Mr. Right. I am so happy for you!
Viola Evan: My beloved cousin, it is with pleasure that we accept your wonderful invitation!

Family & Children

As William and I start our lives together, you are all there with us – our wonderful friends and family. We are now blessed with the news that we will soon have a family of our own. This is a dream come true. We are both filled with joy and anticipation and look forward to sharing many more precious memories on our journey through life.

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